Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wall Street Protesters...get an F'n clue!!!

Dear Mark Schwetz,
The banks did not "steal" your home. Like many unfortunate people who have fallen on hard times, you
were unable to make your payments. The banks recourse for that? Foreclose! Why the fuck have you been protesting
for days on Wall St, demanding they return your home? Are you going to miraculously be able to make you payments now?
Pretty doubtful. But instead of trying to figure out what you can do to prevent this from happening again and moving on, you would
rather blame others and waste more time that you could actually use working at your jjob. Tell those other losers that may be
with you, figure out what you are really upset about and stop blaming other people.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2012 Yet??

Wishful thinking I know.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

VCU guard Joey Rodriguez is HORRIBLE!!!

Unfortunately for VCU Ram basketball fans, Joey R. decided not to transfer this year and returned to the team. For fans that pay attention to many different aspects of the game, Rodriguez sucks at most of them. He is listed at 5'10, but realistically he his 5'8 in shoes. When you are that short playing Division I basketball, you usually can do several things well. You are quick, a good defender, and can shoot. Well minus a few good shooting games here and there, Rodriguez cannot do any of them. For the past 3 years, it has been very frustrating watching opposing players blow by JR like he is nailed to the floor. It cannot help that his feet are almost as long as he is high. It's like watching a clown running up and down the court. He cannot get by opponents either. His diminutive stature already puts him at a disadvantage when trying to score, but add to that a sluggish speed and lack of ball handling, and you have a poor offensive player. I know some will argue that he has been able to put up good scoring games in his career at VCU, but that has been while taking advantage of Eric Maynor's double and triple teams that have left him wide open on many occasions.

And recently, adding to his negative attributes, he has been showing no discipline and no hustle. On more than one occasion, he has turned the ball over and walked back on defense while his taller, faster, better opponent runs down court and gets a wide open shot. Granted, VCU's poor excuse of a coach, Shaka Smart, has no concept of how to coach with any discipline himself. With little consequence for poor play, bad decisions, and bad attitude, the Rams tend to run a muck from time to time. Smart slaps them on their ass and forgets to actually coach a player that has messed up.

Sorry, got off on the coach when I should be talking about JR. Ram fans, like myself, rejoiced with the fact that JR had decided to transfer last season. It seems Mr Rodriguez didnt like having his coach leave and thought he would make a bigger dent in the program by leaving. Unfortunately, he did the program a big favor by leaving. It would have given a younger, more talented guard, the opportunity to lead this team and grow into the position. Something JR has been unable to do in his entire tenure at VCU. However, he came back. And with him, his lack of talent.

But, I digress. I have been spoiled for 4 seasons with Eric Maynor, and before him other solid, if not talented point guards at the helm. I guess we fans must endure 1 more season of bad defense, turnovers, and poor decisions by JR before we can really see what life without Eric Maynor looks like. Keep your heads up fans.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Did anyone believe he was not going to to this?? Really?

Well, well, well....Here we are, roughly 6 months or so after he was sworn in. And already Mr Obama(you can call him president, but not me)is contemplating raising taxes on the middle class. What?!! No, say it aint so! Well, yes folks, it is so. How else do you suppose we pay for the 1 + TRILLION $$ deficit he has burdened yours, mine and ours future and that of our kids? Do you really believe that the brilliant idea of the "stimulus" package was going to work?? Anyone with a shred of fiscal responsibility knows that you cannot spend money you do not have and expect to turn around a slumping economy. But wait...Obama said he could do it. Obama has said a lot of things to get into office, but the only thing that has held true so far is his FAR left political agenda. Even his democratic allies thought he would be governing much closer to the center than he has. But after taking over a few industries, trying to shove a universal healthcare package down our throat without a real plan in place(shouldnt this take some time to get right?) as well as continuous bull shit that is thrown out every day in DC, it just aint the case. People, let's think about this for a second. Only the people who have JOBS and pay TAXES are the ones paying for the programs that are currently on the books. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security. Obama has a arms length social agenda that the American tax payers are going to have to pay for. The wealthy few already pay a gross disproportionate amount of the taxes, and you and I pay the rest. There are way too many welfare, lazy, degenerate, illegal worthless pieces of shit out there that are happy to let us pay for everything. Hell, why do you think they voted for Obama? To make sure they can keep collecting the government check without ever having to get up and get a fucking job!! Think about it. So again, that takes us back to the tax hike on you and I. Do we continue to let this man keep pushing an uber liberal(I will not call it socialist in this post) agenda against the wishes of the general public...or do we speak up and voice the fact that he is not leading based on his constituants wishes? Many of us knew that with his political background, that he would be pushing an agenda more than governing this country. And already during this administration has this proven so. In closing, write your congressman, senators etc. Make sure they know what you feel about this and that if they continue to push his agenda without regards to those that put them in office, that come 2010, most will no longer have jobs. Please help the democratic process ring loud with these professional politicians and let them know who works for whom!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Change you with it!!

I hate to say I told you so only 40+ days after inauguaration, but I TOLD YOU SO!! President Obama has used up almost all of his "it is the last administrations fault" excuses. Though he will use this until he is blue in the face, the responsibility of future economic problems rests with him and his congress. This is the same person who looked dead in the camera and said that he would end the days of earmarks in DC. I guess by that statement, we were to assume that he meant minute earmarks. Hey, if you are going to go, go BIG!!!! How about over 9000 different earmarks attached to bail outs, 2010 budgets, etc. by Obama. But remember, he will bring change. All he has managed to do is increase spending(which what was originally accused of the current situation) to an astronomical level that insures that not only our generation, but those of our kids and grandkids, will be paying for years to come. Not to mention he is completely devalueing the dollar to catostrophic proportions. All the while, pushing is uber liberal/socialistic programs that only add $$s to nausating numbers. Well guess what Obama heads? He said he was going to pursue these programs, spread the wealth, and everyone was going to have to do his/her share to help out those poor souls who wont get a fucking job. He campaigned with this information. And you still voted for him. As far as the housing market, etc. I know, supporters will say that it is the previous White House that allowed this to happen. Actually it was democratic overseers of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac that allowed the snow flake to become a 5000 ton snowball. Charlie Wrangle anyone. So, let's see how the next 40 + days look in the new USSR, the United Socialistic States of Regret.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Optimism Wanes

As the NFL season draws to a close(yes I know there are 5 games left for most teams), I have to turn my early optimism for the Washington Redskins into simple gratitude that they have a better than .500 record. A few weeks ago, the Redskins scaled to the top 5 power ranking by beating both the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles to go 4 and 1. Everyone then decided that this team was a force to reckon with and apologized to the Redskins for pre season remarks about what was surely to be a poor season. Now, 6 games later, the skins have gone 3 and 3 and have not beatin a team with a winning record. Tonight they continued the trend of squeaking by a lesser team, while being in jeopardy of losing the entire time. With 20 points this week, a total some would call an offensive explosion, the team endured. However, as many of the leagues best teams are scoring 30, 40, or even 50 points in some games, the skins continue to struggle in the red zone. They have failed to score in the 30's once this year and have rarely made it into the 20's. Not so impressive for a team with a one time top 5 power ranking. Clinton Portis continues to lay it out each week, regardless of the injuries that he seems to collect thru out a game. He is proving his toughness with every carry. I must admit, I have underestimated him as a back. Now, for the ones I take aim at as far as being most to blame for the offensive ineptitude. Jason Campbell- I realize he has had to endure 7+ offensive schemes and coordinators in the last 8 years, but lets face it, he is not a franchise QB. At best, he is a quarterback that can make some plays, but not the big plays. As a fan, you can only hope that he does not lose the game for you. That should be his goal each game, to keep the Skins in the game and lesson his mistakes. Cause God only knows, he does not do much in the way of on field heroics.
Next, Antwan Randel El. What a waste of space. Not only has he dropped numerous balls at the most inopportune times, he absolutely sucks as a punt returner. He either does one of two things these days. He fair catches most opportunities regardless of where he is on the field or how many yards he has between him and the closest defender. Or, he gains a maximum of 2 yards per return. For the amount he cost this team to acquire, he has been a true let down. Even if he has the ability(though we have rarely seen it) to throw a TD pass, he doesnt get the job done. Brandon Lloyd would be a welcome site these days.
Enough of that. I love this team, but I am tired of getting my hopes up for a team that has not been able to score more than 20pts in the past 4 to 5 years. Here's hoping to a good draft/free agent off-season to shore up those areas that affect this team most. And by the way, could we possibly get a few receivers that are taller than 5'8? Wow, at the least the Fun Bunch of the 80's had 1 receiver over 6 feet tall.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WELCOME TO THE NEW U.S.S.R. The United States Socialists Republic

That't right folks. You voted for change on November 4th, but God only knows what that change will look like. If you actually LISTENED to the Messiah during his entire campaign, he spoke of what that change will look like. It's called socialism. For all those that think socialism is a good thing, do some research on every socialist nation around today and those that existed in the past 100 years. It is not a good thing. Regardless of the mess this country may be in currently(and yes the Democrats are just as much to blame as Republicans), Capitalism and Democracy are such a blessing. And by the way...when did letting the government run anything ever work out? Please name a federal program that isnt knee deep in corruption and ineptitude, while costing the tax payers billions of dollars. This is just a brief smattering of what will follow, cuz believe me folks, it is only the beginning. November 4th did one thing. It changed the face of the greatest nation in the world. How so and by how much? We will have to wait and see. By until then, thanks America. You get whatever comes your way. For better(but probably) much much worse.